WhatsApp Expands The Number Of Participants In Groups & Microsoft Will Publish The Salary

The platform will allow up to 512 users to be part of the same chat.

WhatsApp has expanded the ability to create groups with up to 512 participants to its entire user base of Android, iOS and the desktop version of the instant messaging platform. The application began this deployment last May among some beta participants. Now, WhatsApp has streamlined the process to take it to the entire user base of the platform, according to this same medium.

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Until now, WhatsApp only allowed to create groups of up to 256 participants. This new figure, 512, means doubling the number of members. In case you don't get to it at first, the 'app' allows you to add more from the group information section. This new capability is expected to be available to its entire user base within 24 hours.

To access it, it is necessary to install the latest update of the 'app' available in the Play Store, App Store and TestFlight, and is not limited to the beta version.

Microsoft will publish the salary of all its job offers in the US

Other measures that the company wants to impose is to prohibit applicants for a position from being asked about their salary history. Microsoft is going to begin making public the salary ranges for all its job offers in the United States, in an attempt to improve transparency and after several cities in the country have begun to require this measure.

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The technology giant, in a message on its corporate blog, promises to publish an approximate salary for all its internal and external vacancies no later than January 2023. Microsoft will thus become one of the first large American companies to take this step, which seeks above all to improve transparency in contracting processes.

In recent years, the company has carried out other initiatives in this area, for example by doing annual compensation analyzes or prohibiting job applicants from being asked about their salary history. This new movement comes after the state of Washington, where Microsoft is based, passed a law this year that will force any company with more than 15 employees to publish salary ranges for their offers.

A similar rule, expected to take effect in November, has been adopted in New York City, where the company also has offices.

Microsoft also announced other measures with which it intends to improve the conditions of its workers and attract more talent, including limiting the use of non-compete clauses, which prevent many employees from signing contracts with other companies in the sector during a some time.

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