The Advantage Of Twitter So That Its Users Do Not Forget About New Releases

The platform allows brands to show ads to users and even initiate their purchase.

Twitter has expanded its shopping features so that users can request reminders when they see the announcement of a new collection from their favorite brand, in order not to forget about the launch. Brands flock to Twitter to promote the launch of their new products, including limited edition ones.

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The platform allows them to show ads to users and even initiate the purchase from them, an experience that has just been extended with 'Product Drops'. The 'tweet' that the brand publishes to promote its novelty will also show a button at the bottom , with which users can set a reminder that will be shown to them on the day of the launch.

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This reminder will appear twice: 15 minutes before the sale starts and at the time the sale takes place. It will also redirect users to the seller's website with a link, so that they are among the first to buy.

In addition to the button for reminders, the 'tweets' of the brands will also incorporate a detail page about the product, with images and information such as the price and a description.

These purchase reminders are currently only available in the English iOS app for users in the United States.

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