Elon Musk Wants "Pretty Outrageous Things Too" On Twitter

Does he even want to buy Twitter anymore? The Tesla boss only commented vaguely on this in a video conference with Twitter employees. On other issues he became more specific.

The tech billionaire Elon Musk also wants to be involved in the product development of the service after his Twitter takeover. He assumes that employees would listen to his suggestions for functions, he said at a video conference with Twitter employees. According to his own statements, he wants to take money for the currently free verification of user accounts, among other things. He also intends to take action against automated bot accounts.

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Musk announced in April that he would buy the social service for $44 billion. Most recently, however, the billionaire threatened to call off the deal if the company did not provide more information about false accounts. Twitter employees repeatedly expressed concern that Musk could destabilize the company. Twitter shareholders are expected to vote on the acquisition by early August.

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Musk did not comment on the status of the acquisition during the video conference. Nevertheless, he reiterated his position that the dissemination of radical positions should also be allowed on Twitter . Users should also be able to post "pretty outrageous" things, he said. Twitter can throttle the distribution of such tweets.

With a view to the company's personnel development, Musk remained vague. He answered a question about possible job cuts by saying that Twitter had to "become healthy" financially.

However, employees who made a significant contribution would have nothing to fear. The goal should be to increase the number of users of the online service from around 230 million to "at least" one billion.

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