Twitter "Discover" Tab Will Hide Muted And Blocked People

Twitter tries to create a safe place. Until now, blocked and muted people could appear in this tab if they were relevant.

Twitter has explained that it's going to great lengths to make sure you don't see anything from accounts you've muted or blocked, as well as keywords you've muted. It is working on updates to hide those keywords and accounts in more areas of the platform.

On the web and in the iOS and Android apps, you should no longer see events from muted and blocked accounts in the Explore tab or What's Happening sidebar. They should also not appear in platform emails or event-based notifications.

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This is a long-awaited change that should give users more control over what they see on the platform, as they'll have added assurance that accounts they don't want to know about won't appear outside of the timeline.

It should also help people avoid sidebar spoilers if they mute the name of a show or game. 

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Given the wording of the tweets about this update, it appears that Twitter is looking for more ways to clear tweets from muted and blocked accounts and keywords.

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