Tesla Adds Relaxed And Assertive Autonomous Driving Modes

Tesla will add three autonomous driving modes in the latest update it has made. Elon Musk's car company has had serious controversies in recent months.

Tesla's automatic driver assistance feature has added an assertive driving mode.

The setup will follow other cars more closely, change lanes more frequently, stay out of the passing lane, and make rolling stops. Safety groups often advise against such driver behavior by humans.

However, it might sometimes be safer for an automated system to be more assertive, like a human driver, rather than being overly cautious, an engine safety expert said.

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All three driving profiles (quiet, average, and assertive) were first added in the October Tesla update.

However, that update was quickly retired due to other issues, but the Driving Profiles feature has now been restored.

It shows assertive mode described as: "Your Model X will have a shorter following distance, make more frequent speed lane changes, will not move out of passing lanes, and may roll over."

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