Mobile Phone Not Charging? Try This Free Method At Home

There are various reasons for not charging a mobile phone, including a faulty plug and charging cable.

If the adapter of the charger is also bad, then there are problems in charging.

There is no cover on the charging port of the mobile phones, due to which dust or particles get into the pocket or any mobile phone, or even the crumbs of old receipts enter the port of the phone due to washing of jeans paint or clothes.

These particles accumulate in the charging port of your phone for months and years and at the same time you can easily charge the phone but in 6 months the charging speed of the mobile phone starts to decrease gradually and then the battery of the phone quickly.

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If your iPhone or Android phone is not charging then the problem can be easily solved without paying the mobile technician and sitting at home and we will tell you how to do it.

Use a cocktail stick, toothpick or a thinner object to clean the charging port, but wood or plastic will be better and will reduce the risk of damage to the inside of the phone.

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Anything from a cocktail and a toothpick to a charging port will have to be scratched lightly and in the meanwhile the stick will get the garbage out of the port but you have to remember not to speed up or harden the process otherwise the phone Key port may be bad and you may have to buy a new phone.

Hopefully this easy way will solve your phone charging problem and you won't have to go to a technician.

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