Twitch | Hackers Publish Secret Data From Streaming Platform

Hackers have apparently published large amounts of internal data from the Twitch video streaming platform, including source codes and user data. The Amazon subsidiary confirmed unauthorized data access, but initially did not comment on the authenticity of the content. They are working hard to understand the extent, said Twitch on Twitter.

According to reports from the digital platform heise online and Der Spiegel, at least 125 gigabytes of data are said to have been leaked. Twitch is primarily used to broadcast video games live.

According to the data published so far, it is only the first part of the leak, reported heise online . The data therefore contain information about the sums Twitch has paid to streamers who broadcast their live games via the platform. The published data go back to August 2019.

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heise online was able to ensure that the leaked information about its own Twitch account is genuine. Video Games Chronicle magazine also reported contact with Twitch, who confirmed that the published data were real.

"Poisonous cesspool"

"The community is a poisonous cesspool, so we want to disrupt operations and promote competition in the online streaming market," heise online quotes an online contribution by the unknown alleged perpetrators. They made the leaked data available for download.

The leaked data should also contain information that Twitch is working on its own distribution platform for games. A file should be placed under the code name "Vapor" which should contain the current source code for the new platform.

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