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Netflix Confirms It Will Add Video Games To The Service; these will be your first steps

It's been almost a week since it was first rumored that Netflix was going to make the leap to video games, but it was a rumor that turned into something consistent that many people took for granted. In addition, that rumor also ensured that the subscription price was not going to be raised for it. And as if that were not enough, days later a leak emerged that suggested that we would see PS4 and PS5 titles on the platform.

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Whether the fact of the latter is true or not is still not entirely clear, but the fact that images of PlayStation and DualSense games are found in the code of the iOS app is already suspicious. But while that is confirmed, it has been confirmed that Netflix will make the leap to video games.

The first Netflix games

It was Mark Gurman, from Power On magazine and the same one who started the rumor, who has affirmed on Twitter that Netflix confirmed through a call about its income that they have indeed confirmed two of the aforementioned rumors, in addition to giving another key point that will interest you:

The first thing is that yes, they have confirmed that they are going to include video games to the service

The second thing is that they will not raise the price of the subscription either

And the third thing is that they are going to start adding games for mobile phones , as they have shared on the portal The Verge

At the moment, they have not given a date of when they will start ❌

They haven't mentioned anything about possible PlayStation games either ❌

At least we have confirmation from the company, but we still do not know many of the details that must be brewing about the passage of Netflix. We also do not know what those mobile games will be, so I will stay tuned to give you the information of everything that may arise!

Blue Origin completes its first flight into space with Jeff Bezos in its crew

Blue Origin has just joined the ranks of private companies that have taken people into space. Jeff Bezos' team successfully completed their first manned space flight, taking Bezos, his brother, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen (who paid for his seat) beyond the Kárman line (100 miles above Earth) before their capsule will return to the Nevada desert. The New Shepard rocket also made a truly perfect landing.

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The flight broke several records. It included both the oldest astronaut (Funk, 82 years old) and the youngest (Daemen, 18 years old). And while Virgin Galactic entered space first by NASA's definition, Blue Origin was more than interested in pointing out that its flight was the only one of the two to cross the Kárman line.

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SpaceX was the first of these companies to fly people into space via its Crew-1 mission, although it won't fly with an all-civilian crew until later this year. Its space tourism plans so far focus on trips around the Moon, although they are not expected to begin until 2023.

Google Wear OS is updated to bring interesting improvements

Google has been paying much needed attention to Wear OS lately, wearables are increasingly in demand by the public but it seems that the software does not finish starting in benefits . In the lead up to the launch of its new smartwatch software collaboration with Samsung, Google has been focusing on apps. It first made YouTube Music available on Wear OS and now makes apps easier to find and download .

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As part of a new update to the Play Store for Android phones and smart watches, users will see new search filters and category pages on phones that highlight "watch" or "watch faces" applications . Applications can also be installed remotely.

Meanwhile, the Play Store on Wear OS is taking on a new look in keeping with Google's Material You design. The goal is to simplify navigation on the restricted area of   the screen. As a result, Google is putting important information on cards to make it easier to read and make a selection . If you decide to buy, the Play Store will also ask you to open a purchase page on your Android phone or on the web to complete the purchase.

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Google explained that the updates will roll out in the coming weeks on Android phones and watches running Wear OS version 2.xx or higher.

PlayStation 4 is the new target of cryptocurrency "farmers"

Earlier this month, a group of Ukrainian police intervened in what appeared to be a cryptocurrency mining operation that used thousands of PS4 consoles to mine cryptocurrencies. Finally, more things are being known on the subject. As Engadget clarifies, the consoles (and the allegedly stolen electricity) were actually being used to grow and sell coins and digital accounts for EA's FIFA games.

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The consoles were running bots to play FIFA and automatically earn in-game currency. Players can use FIFA Coins in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode to randomly find the Most Wanted Players or buy them from a Market. This mechanic has been highly controversial for promoting gambling.

While buying or selling FIFA coins for real money is against EA's policies , that hasn't stopped the burgeoning black market for this digital currency. People sell coins or game accounts packed with this unique currency to players who are desperate to build a Fifa Ultimate Team that is second to none.

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The Ultimate Team modes in EA sports games are hugely important to the company's bottom line, earning them more than €1 billion a year. That is, they are EA's main source of money.

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