These Popular Applications Are Draining Your Mobile Battery: This Is How You Can Avoid It

The leap from mobile phones without Internet connection to current smartphones was enormous and allowed connecting people from any corner of the planet. Although not everything was positive, behind are the days when the battery lasted a week.

Currently, the battery of mobiles with more than two years old lasts much less than fresh from the factory. Having them at home, they become almost a landline phone, plugged in all day with cable. To the age of the terminal, we must add the existence of some applications that, when running in the background, consume battery.

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These applications access the camera, the Wi-Fi connection or the notification system, even if you are not using the phone and without you being aware, since by default this use is activated in the background. This persistent problem on both Android and iOS has an easy solution , although first we are going to reveal which applications that usually present this problem.

Among those that consume the most battery, we find several from Google such as Gmail , Google Chrome , YouTube Music, Waze and many others from Mark Zuckerberg such as Facebook , Messenger and WhatsApp. Likewise, Amazon Alexa and Uber are also in this top ten.

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Some companies have carried out studies to analyze and point out those applications that are making users dependent on a plug. This is the case of the analysis carried out by the encrypted cloud storage company, iCloud.

For the study, three parameters were taken into account, firstly the services of the phone to which the app has access (such as Wi-Fi, geo location or Bluetooth), then the percentage of battery they consume and finally, if they have a night mode or dark mode.

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Fitbit and Verizon appear as undisputed queens with a score of 92%. They are followed by Skype (87%), Facebook (82%), Airbnb (82%), Bigo Life (82%) which is like a Twitch of Chinese origin, Instagram (79%), the two leading dating apps Tinder (77 %) and Bumble (77%), Snapchat (77%), WhatsApp (77%), Zoom (77%), YouTube (77%), Booking.com (77%), Amazon (77%), Telegram (77 %), Grindr (72%), Likee (72%) which resembles Tik Tok and LinkedIn (72%).

As you can see, social networks, which allow 11 additional functions to run in the background, such as photos, Wi-Fi, locations and the microphone; and live streaming services dominate the list alongside travel and hotel reservations and dating apps.


First, try to close the apps that work in the background, to do this, go to Phone Settings, look for Active Applications and click Finish within each application. To see which specific applications are draining your phone's battery, go to Settings, search for Battery.

In this section you will see a list with the percentages in order to decide whether to deactivate their use in the background or delete them directly . Obviously, the screen app cannot be uninstalled but you can adjust the brightness or put the phone on silence.

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You can also disable the screen to turn on every time there is a notification, Bluetooth, GPS or Wifi if you are not using it. Also remember that all mobile phones have a power saving mode that adjusts all the parameters to optimize battery use.

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