Apple Headphones Are Now More Expensive Than The iPhone

Apple has announced its new wireless AirPods, which are actually more expensive than many iPhone models.

On Tuesday, Apple announced the Wireless AirPod Max, priced at $549, which is more expensive than many of the company's tablets and popular phones. 

But Apple is hoping people will buy it during the December holidays. This is because even good headphones work, but the new AirPod Max model is very modern and capable of reducing noise. A similar AirPod made by Bosch currently costs around $340.

Apple has announced that its flagship AirPod and AirPod Pro models are available at $159 and $249, respectively. The AirPods Max has a number of microchips and two H1 chips. Then there is the sound processor. It also has an advanced external noise and noise reduction system.

One reason for this is that iPhone sales fell 3% in the last quarter of this year, but sales of other devices increased 16%. Maybe that's why Apple has worked to modernize its AirPod.

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